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Dress 2 Impress - Bridal & Formal Boutique (Linwood NJ) will be closed for renovations from 12/14/2015 to 12/31/2015. Our goal is to introduce to you an improved inventory display, a more private atmosphere and an increased number of fitting rooms. We strive to provide world class service while continuing to support your formal wear needs. Appointments can still be made for January 2016 by calling 609-653-4444 or online We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you soon in our store. Have great Holidays!

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you soon in our store. Have great Holidays!

Everyday Alterations in Linwood, New Jersey

Updated 6/1/13            
Some models may require additional work. New Zipper is included.     Military, Police and other uniforms may require additional work depending on model and the place of the patch.    
Pants, Skirts   $16.00 Small   $4.00
Pants, Skirts with lining   $20.00 Medium   $6.00
Jeans   $18.00 Large   $10.00
Dresses   $25.00 Elbows (per pair)   $20.00
Dresses with lining   $35.00 Elbows with lining (per pair)   $30.00
Jackets (up to 20" zippers)   $30.00      
    for 21" or longer (add per inch)   $1.50 WAIST IN/OUT    
Leather Jackets up to 20" zipper   $45.00 May require taking in/out form 2 sides and/or resewing a zipper.    
    for 21" or longer (add per inch)   $2.00 Pants, Skirts   $16.00
Zipper slides   $10.00 Pants, Skirts with lining   $20.00
      Jeans   $24.00
HEMS     Replace Elastic   $18.00
Formal dresses and skirts may require additional work depending on the layers of fabric and model.     Replace elastic with lining    $22.00
Pants   $12.00 TAPERS    
Pants with slit   $18.00 Pants taper from two sides - inside or outside     
Pants with lining   $16.00 Pants   $20.00
Pants with cuffs   $16.00 Pants with lining   $35.00
Pants with cuffs and lining   $22.00 Pants taper from four sides - inside and outside     
Pants with slit and lining   $24.00 Pants   $35.00
Pants - sports wear "coverstitch"   $12.00 Pants with lining   $50.00
Jeans   $14.00 Tapering from 1 seam only    
Jeans (keep original hem)   $20.00 Skirts   $15.00
Skirts, Dresses (up to 60")   $18.00 Skirts (open waist)   $22.00
Skirts, Dresses,w/lining up to 60"   $26.00 Skirts (open waist)+(resew zipper)   $37.00
Skirts, Dresses full or pleated   $28.00 Tapering from 2 seams    
Skirt, Dresses with slit and lining   $32.00 Skirts w/lining   $24.00
Skirts, Dresses - "coverstich"   $32.00 Skirts (open waist) w/lining   $39.00
Coats, Jackets   $30.00 Skirts open waist, resew zip. w/lining   $54.00
Coats, Jackets with lining   $45.00      
Coats, Jackets - w/linning, w/slit   $50.00 Shirt   $20.00
      Jacket w/lining - open one place   $35.00
      Jacket w/lining - open two places   $50.00
If buttons or/and zippers needs to be resewed, there is additional charge.     BUTTONS    
Shirt sleeves   $12.00 Price of a new button is not included on the resew prices    
Shirt sleeves cuffed   $16.00 Resew Button   $2.00
Shirt sleeves (from shoulder side)   $25.00 Resew Button on leather   $4.00
Coat, Jacket sleeves   $15.00 Hook and Eye / Clasp   $6.00
Coat, Jacket sleeves lined   $22.00 Jeans Button   $6.00
Coat, Jacket sleeves lined w/slit   $28.00      
Leather Jacket sleeves   $30.00 RELINING     
Leather Jacket sleeves - cuffed   $35.00  Fabric is not included.    
      Overcoats   $150 & up
MISCELLANEOUS     Suit coats, Jackets   $120 & up
Price may vary by different models     Pants, Skirts   $50 & up
Repair hole   $6.00      
Crotch, rear, butt   $8.00
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